If you are stuck in your grief journey and ready to move forward

You are in the right place. I can help if:

  • You are tired of pretending you are okay
  • If you want to feel some sort of normalcy again
  • If your life changed so much and you don’t know who you are anymore
  • Tried traditional therapy and it didn’t work or you just didn’t like it

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My Story…

My journey started in 2011 , when I received the phone call that no mother wants to get. It was my sister on the other end telling me that my son had been shot and was dead. The night my son died, the woman I worked so hard to become died too.

Losing my son was the worst pain I had ever experienced and I had no clue what to do. My heart was broken, I struggled to get out of bed, and I kept myself super busy to keep from feeling the pain. I pretended to be strong in front of people but in reality, I was broken and suffered in silence for many years.

During the years of suffering my life was on hold. Yes I maintained, I was alive but I wasn’t living. It wasn’t until I embraced the gift of now, the present moment, that I started living again. I never imagined living a peaceful, joyous, and purpose-filled life.

Oh, what a journey this has been! Once I found my way back to the land of the living, I wanted to help as many mothers as I could. My passion to help moms quickly morphed into helping women who were stuck in their grief journey as well. Not only have I been able to do this by sharing my journey, I have also..

Wrote The Resurrection: Life After the Death of Your Child, a book that help grieving mothers embrace their new life, one without their child.
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Became a certified  From Grief to GratitudeTM grief coach helping women to release their grief related pain so they can move forward with their lives and embrace the woman she is to become.

A Little More About Me..


I am originally from New Orleans, La, therefore, I’m a Saints fan by default. I’m not a sports fanatic but if I am watching football you better believe it’s a Saints game. Who Dat!

I am very competitive and love family game night. If we are on the same team, it’s not going to be that easy to beat us. Playing Taboo and Monopoly are two of my favorite games.

One of my favorite past times is dancing, especially Swing or Step. I’ve been known to cut up on the dance floor winning a competition or two. When the music comes on my inner diva comes out and it’s all over from there.

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